Phase 1: ICO Stage

Public Democracy will issue shares backed by ownership rights in the Public Democracy Database.  These shares will be tokenized to form the Public Democracy ICO token (PD token), which will be an asset-backed token abiding by all SEC regulations.  Investors will purchase PD tokens, which will give them rights to shares of the asset as well as future dividends to be paid in our "u-matter" utility token once the Umatr ecosystem is complete.


Phase 2: Post-ICO

After the ICO, the money raised from the PD token sales will be directed toward the development of the Umatr ecosystem and u-matter utility token.  In addition to the ICO raise, Public Democracy will also stake PD tokens into Umatr to act as the founding asset undergirding the ecosystem, and it will place additional shares in trust in Umatr to be claimed by the millions of individuals whose engagements with Public Democracy actions over the past decade helped build the value of the database.


Phase 3: Umatr launch

Upon the launch of Umatr and the u-matter utility token, PD asset token holders will receive an initial airdrop of u-matter utility tokens.