co-FOUNDER & Board Member

Through his long and diverse career, Eric Gyors played blues music professionally, started major businesses in software and international trade, and launched a long career in campaigning and political advocacy, all thanks to his deep passion for inventiveness and social justice.  

The son of a professional cellist, Eric started his working career at the age of 12 when he got his first gigs playing guitar in rock & blues bands. In college, he studied Psychology, Philosophy, and Computer Science but maintained his commitment to his music and continued to tour and perform bass guitar as a session player with over a hundred bands and single artists.

His passion for music led Eric back to his birthplace of Sydney after college, where he co-owned a theatre-restaurant that attracted a variety of local talents for late night Jazz. Like Eric himself, the Roxy gained a reputation for variety as it attracted a diverse lineup of ever-changing musicians and famous international artists.

Although he never left music, Eric continually felt compelled to make a difference in more than just the music industry. Using his college computer science education, he started one of the largest software companies in Australia. That company introduced Eric to the international trade scene where he did business with Japan & the USA in hi-tech equipment and commodities.

Despite his success in international trade, Eric was not satisfied.  His work exposed him to the economic injustice of the world in which he operated, the inherent unfairness of which Eric attributed to the broken political systems that governed society around him. He subsequently entered politics, embarking on a twenty-five year long career in campaigning and political advocacy.

In politics, Eric served as the State & Federal Campaign Director for the Australian Democrats for ten years, after which he served as a political advisor for the next fifteen years until present day. He also combined his national political impact with political coverage of his community, as he became Chairman of 89.7 FM, a major local radio show where he hosted hundreds of interviews with political figures.

Eric’s wife Veronica has supported him through the last 30 years of his tumultuous life, during which the two of them found time to raise their daughter, Victoria—apparently quite well since as a teenager she already knows more than her father, or so she keeps telling him.