Our Data Is The Difference

Over the past decade, Public Democracy has developed a database of over 110 million Americans whom we have engaged through email, social media, and digital ads on a myriad of outreach campaigns. The database reflects trillions of data points, with billions of behavioral tags drawn from our highest value engagements.

Our underlying assumption in building the database and the different engagement tools attached to it is that the best way to connect with people is by understanding their values and how they view themselves in the world. Over the past decade, we have worked to refine opportunities for engagement and improve our understanding of how people connect and can be motivated to engage through shared values.  

PublicDemocracy Value Voter Communication

Most fundamentally, we designed our database as a way to harness the inherent value in each of the moments of engagement, when our users trusted our offering and believed enough in themselves to act. Thus, our database serves as repository of intent, hope, and communal engagement by tens of millions of individuals over many years

This has created a valuable asset and great responsibility to see it used correctly.