Three Complementary Products Providing Empathy-Driven Data, Insights, and Outcomes … Powered by Machine Learning.

When you need to understand, connect with, and build meaningful ongoing relationships with your constituents, our three best-in-class and award-winning offerings — Insight, Connect, and Engage — fit the bill.

Unlike most in the digital marketing industry who see ads and online data as a tool to get people to buy a specific product, we view digital advertising and personalized data as a means of understanding our audiences, which empowers us to customize our offerings to meet their needs far more accurately than others.


Ultra-Specific Insight, Powered By Data

Comprehensive data set mapping by time, physical space, and emotional state

Demographic info on over 110 million Americans

Metrics, reporting, and analytics


Insight Driven Constituent Model Creation

Targeting outreach based on PD Values Data from a decade of engagement

Values & needs based outreach campaign model creation

Unparalleled ability to narrow and refine campaigns


Ongoing Stakeholder Engagement

Ongoing moment-in-time & values based interactions

Values & needs based outreach campaign model expansion

Personal and group level communications channels responding to user need