Our Public Benefit Corporation Mission Statement


“At Public Democracy, we believe that it is possible to align what is right with what works, and that technology should empower people, so that individual voices are listened to by those in power and so that their collective voices rightfully influence decisions that are made in the political, corporate, and community space.

Knowing the value of the data that will be created, we further believe that people should share in the value generated and insights created by their contributions throughout this process.”



Building the Currency of Engagement


Public Democracy is building the currency of engagement—Umatr (pronounced “you matter”)—to better harness the value of positive human engagement and share that value with those who create it.  We are tokenizing engagement, securing it with our massive data assets, and staking all of that into our Umatr ecosystem, which is designed to reward empathy over vanity and to use self-interest as a motivation for individuals to seek the common good.


Our Team


Our team brings a together a diverse set of talents and business experience.  We have developed one of the largest values and behavioral databases in America, successfully launched multiple IPOs, run national political campaigns, developed a top-rated iPad game, led multiple international NGO coalition campaigns toward successful bilateral and UN treaties, and produced award-winning movies.

We all come to Public Democracy from careers that align what is right with what works in politics, entertainment, and business—careers that have sought to balance that to which we aspire with the reality of what is in pursuit of real-world solutions that support the common good.


Of the people, by the people, for the people


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