We Understand Data Differently

Unlike most in the digital marketing industry who see ads and online data as tools to get people to buy a specific product, we see digital advertising and personalized data as a means of understanding our audiences and shaping our offerings to meet their needs. 

Over the past decade, Public Democracy has developed best-in-class behavioral models, an empathy-driven machine learning system, and a proprietary psychometric database of over 100 million Americans that contains insights into the core values that motivate people to engage in the real world and join together in common purpose.

Public Democracy’s tools will help you identify, understand, and connect with Americans unlike anyone else.

We See Our Data Differently

We Built & Collected Our Data Differently, Too

Our data is the fruit of over a decade of work with amazing organizations, individuals, and corporations seeking to empower, connect, and give voice to Americans working together in pursuit of the common good. Instead of trying to get our audience’s attention so they’d do what we want, we always sought to understand what our audience valued and to shape each campaign to meet their hopes and needs.

When data is built measuring engagement, rather than just attention; when it reflects people’s hopes and beliefs in what is possible together, rather than just what they’ll react to or accept; when it tracks where they believe they can make a difference, rather than just what they are willing to buy … when data does these things, it provides much deeper insights into what people truly value. With that insight comes the potential to do incredible things.

Values-Based Data Can Change The World



Our Public Benefit Corporation

Mission Statement


“At Public Democracy, we believe that it is possible to align what is right with what works, and that technology should empower people, so that individual voices are listened to by those in power and so that their collective voices rightfully influence decisions that are made in the political, corporate, and community space.

Knowing the value of the data that will be created, we further believe that people should share in the value generated and insights created by their contributions throughout this process.”