Public Democracy’s Approach is Proven to Outperform Traditional Legal Recruitment Methodologies


The Public Democracy team has worked with the nation’s leading attorneys and law firms to harness the value of positive human engagement to drive mass tort and class action member identification and recruiting.

Far more effective than traditional marketing methodologies, our machine-learning and data-based approach offers several benefits, including:

  • Ultra-granular targeted online messaging and outreach that avoids the complications related to personally identifiable information

  • Real-time campaign insights and scaleability

  • A far more cost and time effective approach to legal recruitment

When you need to identify, understand, and connect with potential mass tort and class action members, Public Democracy's tools provide unparalleled results.

Case Study: Iraq War Fund Anti-Terrorism Lawsuit

We were tasked to identify and recruit veterans who were injured in Iraq to join a lawsuit against European banks that laundered money for terrorist groups responsible for their injuries. Our initiative was awarded Best in Show for Data & Machine Learning from the Association of Political Consultants.

Injuries that qualified vets often left them with intense paranoia and depression. We had to first find vets that met the very specific criteria of the case, then convince these vets with severe PTSD to trust us with their social security number, medical records, and the story of their attack.

To succeed, we engaged our identified community at moments when they were open to this opportunity, walking them through a multi-step journey from awareness to comfort to commitment.

This challenge stymied several of the largest firms in the country. But with our mapping and “data listening” techniques, we successfully identified and engaged with tens of thousands of veterans, dropping the cost-per-join into the low hundreds of dollars. Ultimately, thousands of vets completed the process to join the case, far exceeding our client’s initial target of several hundred.