Three Complementary Products Providing Empathy-Driven Data, Insights, and Outcomes … Powered by Machine Learning.

When you need to understand, connect with, and build meaningful ongoing relationships with your constituents, our three best-in-class and award-winning offerings listed below — Insight, Connect, and Engage — fit the bill.

Unlike most in the digital marketing industry who see ads and online data as a tool to get people to buy a specific product, we view digital advertising and personalized data as a means of understanding our audiences, which empowers us to customize our offerings to meet their needs far more accurately than others.


Ultra-Specific Insight,Powered By Data

Comprehensive data set mapping by time, physical space, and emotional state

Demographic info on over 110 million Americans

Metrics, reporting, and analytics

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Insight-Driven Constituent Model creation

Targeting outreach based on PD Values Data from a decade of engagement

Values & needs-based outreach campaign model creation

Unparalleled ability to narrow & refine campaigns

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Ongoing Stakeholder Engagement

Ongoing moment in time & values-based interactions

Values & needs-based outreach campaign model expansion

Personal and group-level communications channels responding to user need